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Incorporated in 1993,Jiangsu Jingxue Insulation Technology Co., a national high-new technology enterprise that focuses on the research,development,design,production and sales of energy-saving and insulation materials (energy-saving and insulation as well as heat-preservation laminboard and auxiliary products) used in cold storage enclosure system.Meanwhile,the company is manufacturing energy-saving and heat-preservation materials used in enclosure system of industry architecture. As a leading supplier of a full set of solutions to energy-saving enclosure system in cold storage,it is capable of providing a full set of service including design,production,installment and maintenance of enclosure system in cold storage. It owns two globally advanced consecutive production lines and one non-consecutive production line of energy-saving and insulation and heat-preservation laminboard with a yearly capacity of two million square meters of various panels and ten thousand cold storage doors and industrial doors. The company is able to provide a full set of service including design,production,installment and maintenance,satisfying the individual requirements according to the customers’ order for goods completely with high quality and efficiency service.
The company mainly provides solutions to cold storage enclosure system for such fields as cold chain logistics,food processing,stores and supermarkets,compound food in hotels and airplanes,biological pharmacy,fine chemical engineering and precision electronic. Combining refrigeration system and control management system,it establishes energy-saving cold storage system and energy-saving workshop system in industrial construction,which is used in production,storage and logistics of commodities like food and medicine,in the course of which temperature must be constant. The main customers(part of the terminal customers included) include large numbers of well-known enterprises such as Panasonic Cold Chain,Dalian RefrigerationCo.,Ltd.(SZ.000530),Beijing Uni.-Construction Group,China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co.,Ltd.,Ningbo Construction(SH.601789), Qingdao Haier Carrier,Dunan Cold Chain,Square Cold Chain(SH.603339),Zhongxing Bio-Technology Co.,Ltd.(SZ.002772),Metro of Jinjiang,Auchan,Sanjiang Shopping(SH.601116),Tricon Global Restaurant,Inc, Pizzahut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Swire Cold Chain Logistics, Anjoy Foods(SH.603345), Keming Noodle Manufacturing(SZ.002661),Walmat, Hualian Group,Yonghui Supermarket(SH.601933),Bubugao Electronics Industry Co.,Ltd.,and Renren le(SZ.002336).
Science and technology innovation is the force to prompt an enterprise to expand constantly. The company has built Jiangsu engineering technology research center for cold-chain logistics equipment and materials and had a hand in the drawing up and revision of nearly 20 national standards and industrial standards. It owns forty-one patents including two invention patents. In 2010,the company won the third prize of scientific advances from China Light Industrial Alliance for GB/T21558-2008 Stereoplasm Polyurethane Foam Plastic for Construction Insulation and the third Prize of Shanghai Scientific Technology for key technology research and development as well as equipment innovation of transporting aquatic products in low temperature.In 2013,various energy-saving and heat-preserving boards from the company got the FM Approvals certificate of the USA. The company is an enterprise that has the most certificates for boards of various specifications in this industry in China. The trademark of Jingxue was authorized as China Celebrated Trademark by State Ministration for Market Regulation of PRC.and won Changzhou Mayor Quality Award. Besides,it observes actively Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer and becomes one of the first heat preservation panels producers that use cyclopentane technique in place of HCFC-141b foaming agent.


In accordance with the trend of industry development and its own business development,the company developed medium and long-term development programme combining connotative development and epitaxial growth. With the national industry policy as guide and support and fast development of cold chain logistics as an opportunity,in the following years the company will explore the market of energy-saving and heat-preserving materials used in industrial construction while focusing on energy-saving and insulation materials used in cold storage enclosure system. Based on own practicality and long-term development programme,the company will establish large-scale,professional and integrated development model. Enforcing management system rigidly,it will develop new products at a fast pace and increase economic benefits to form a management and technology-intensive enterprise with comprehensive strength.The company aims to attain sustainable development in the future. Besides,enterprise,employees,customers,share-holders and society will advance in harmony and win together. The company will build leading cold storage continually and be more competent of design,production,installment as well as maintenance of energy-saving enclosure system used in industrial construction,becoming a leading supplier of a full set of solutions to energy-saving enclosure system in cold storage.