Cold storage insulation board
2+1 rock wool PIR/PUR double sandwich panel

The two layers of non-combustible, high-temperature-resistant rock wool are filled with heat-insulating polyurethane, and the heat and smoke of any reverse fire are isolated to prevent their diffusion and transmission and hinder the spread of fire.

1+1 rock wool PIR/PUR double sandwich panel

Combining the non-combustibility and high temperature resistance of rock wool and the thermal insulation of polyurethane, it effectively isolates the heat and smoke of the fire from the outward diffusion and transmission, and hinders the spread of the fire.

Hook frame type cold storage board

High-density profiles are used as the frame material for the slot, and it is foamed and shaped together with the panel at one time, which can ensure that the slot shape does not deform at various temperatures. Suitable for use in high temperature and high humidity environments.

PIR/PUR clean board

The linking method of the assembly structure ensures that the joints are uniform and the whole is flat, which meets the requirements of cleanliness. It is suitable for suspended ceilings and partitions in clean delivery rooms, and can also be used in food processing rooms.

Hook type cold storage board

The eccentric hook locks the link, making the cold storage board easy to install, suitable for the construction of small-sized cold storage.

Double slot Norma cold storage board

The double notch makes the sealing and heat insulation better, and resists the deformation caused by the large temperature difference.

PIR/PUR Inner Partition Panels

Used for indoor partitions or suspended ceilings, with light weight and low requirements for keels

Single slot Norma cold storage board

The labyrinth notch makes the plate have a very good sealing effect, and the panel wraps the notch so that the groove shape is not easy to be damaged, deformed, and disengaged, and at the same time increases the bending strength.

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