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hood door seal

JX-CS hood door seals are suitable for places where high safety sealing requirements are required between building door openings and vehicles, and the compartments of various models need to be sealed. Especially for warehouses that have strict insulation requirements and do not allow mosquitoes, flies, dust, and rainwater to enter. It consists of front sealing curtains (one top curtain and two side curtains) and surrounding sealing curtains. The front sealing slats consist of three 3mm thick double-layer high-density black polyester fibres with yellow reversing strips.

horizontal platform

JX-HDL electric double-cylinder hydraulic loading and unloading platform is designed for customers who often load goods with trucks of various heights. When there is a height difference between the truck bed and the platform, the loading and unloading platform can adjust the height difference to form a follow-up slope (which can change with the height change of the truck due to the empty and full load). The forklift can directly load and unload the truck through the loading and unloading platform, which greatly improves the efficiency of loading and unloading. It's extremely easy to operate, when the truck is in place, you simply press and hold a

double door

JX-PH2 series semi-buried door, the door panel is directly foamed, and the door frame can be foamed frame, which has the characteristics of good sealing, good heat insulation and long service life. The hinge and door lock directly exert pressure on the door body to ensure that the sealing strip can withstand the pressure caused by the rapid temperature change and wind pressure during the test without causing leakage. The door of the first choice.

Lightweight manual sliding door

JX-LS series light-duty manual sliding door is reasonable in material selection, simple in structure, beautiful in exterior decoration, integral with polyurethane inside, with good sealing and heat insulation; at the same time, it has safety device for escape in the warehouse, which is safe and practical; it is characterized by light door body.

Cold storage platform smoke door

JX-SED series is a new device designed and developed by Jingxue Company based on foreign technical data for fire-fighting and exhausting of closed platforms of cold storage. It solves the problem that the conventional fire exhaust air valve cannot cut off the cold bridge. Suitable for environmental cold storage, low temperature platform, low temperature processing workshop.

return door

JX-SH series return door is characterized by the fact that the door body and the door frame are flat, can automatically close and press the door, beautiful appearance, good sealing and heat insulation.

industrial free gate

JX-JP industrial free door is a kind of door that will automatically and slowly close after the door body is opened by the principle of eccentric shaft. It has the characteristics of impact resistance and simple structure. Applicable to pedestrians, carts, and frequent entrances and exits. Such as: processing room, workshop channel. The sealing strip is made of silicone rubber, which is in line with the use of the food hygiene industry. No fasteners are required for installation, and it is easy to replace. The door body is made of stainless steel and polyurethane foam, with thin thickness and light weight

Industrial shutter

JX-HSD industrial fast rolling door is a door designed for the occasions where the isolation needs to be fast, efficient, safe and reliable in the logistics industry with frequent entry and exit, to replace the door curtain or air curtain.

Industrial clean door

JX-HC series clean doors are made of aluminum alloy profiles and stainless steel panels, and are made of polyurethane foam. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, easy to scrub, temperature and moisture resistance, no rust, and meets the requirements of purification environment. It is suitable for environmental processing rooms, workshop passages, clean rooms, and clean rooms. The sealing strip is made of silicone rubber, which meets the requirements of food hygiene. It has a narrow shape and a small contact area with the door frame, so it is not easy to accumulate dirt. Door panel aluminum alloy type

Industrial sliding door

JX-HSM industrial sliding door is a kind of door with dynamic balance system. The rollers on both sides of the door leaf move up and down along the guide rail as a whole. It has the characteristics of sturdiness, heat preservation and space saving, and is widely used in industrial buildings. It is an ideal choice for industrial plants, logistics warehousing and other buildings.

Retrofit doors

JX-CH series transformation door adopts the whole finished product structure before leaving the factory, which is extremely convenient to install and has all the technical requirements of cold storage door.

Cushion door seal

JX-PS pad type door seal is suitable for places where there is a sealing requirement between the door opening and the vehicle, and it is necessary to seal the car with a more uniform model. Especially for warehouses that have strict insulation requirements and do not allow mosquitoes, flies, dust, and rainwater to enter.

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