The leading supplier of refrigerated storage and energy-saving workshop in China
Jiangsu Jingxue Insulation Technology Co., Ltd. located in wujin economic development zone in jiangsu province, 18 okanagan valley road,
is a leading domestic cold storage library and energy saving building palisade overall solutions provider

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Jingxue company relying on the rich industry experience and a strong r&d team, in the early stage of the project design phase adopted the most advanced 3 d dynamic rendering, can let the customer very intuitive to see after the completion of various containment system, the effect of the distribution of functional areas, as well as Jingxue company is how to realize the energy conservation and environmental protection



To provide customers with the design, production, installation and the full service of the containment system

“Jingxue” refrigerator insulation board

“Jingxue” refrigerator insulation board Classification of instructions

“Jingnuo” Energy-saving building plate

“Jingnuo” Energy-saving building plate Classification of instructions

“Jingxue” doors

“Jingxue” doors Classification of instructions

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Various kinds of PU, PIR, rock cotton new-type energy saving plate, various kinds of refrigerated storage gate, industrial door and lifting platform


Jingxue company has participated in drafting amendments to more than 14 national and industry standards, with 18 patents

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