Internationally renowned cold storage experts were invited to Jingxue Company for technical exchanges

Internationally renowned cold storage experts were invited to Jingxue Company for technical exchanges

release time:2021-11-29 10:22:05

Jingxue has always paid attention to the introduction of foreign technology and exchanges with foreign counterparts. After the technical personnel went to Japan and the United States for inspection at the beginning of the year, in mid-June, the company invited Mr. John Schein, a well-known European cold storage expert, to participate in the exhibition organized by Jingxue. Hosted the technical exchange meeting of Chinese and foreign cold storage industry. Jia Fuzhong, chairman of Jingxue Company, Wu Suquan, deputy general manager, and all the company's technical and R&D personnel all added the meeting. At the same time, Jingxue Company also invited domestic famous cold storage design and construction units such as Domestic Trade Engineering Design and Research Institute, Shandong Lushang Binglun Architectural Design, IMT, Stella Architectural Design and Pan-Asian Testing to participate in this exchange meeting.

Mr. John Schein is an internationally renowned cold storage expert. He was the former technical and R&D director of ISOCAB. He is one of the drafters of the European sandwich panel EN14509 standard and the chairman of the European EPAQ Association (European Sandwich Panel Quality Assurance Association). , has deep attainments in chemical raw materials, production of cold storage panels, design and construction of cold storage buildings, etc.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Jia of Jingxue Company gave a welcome speech first. Mr. Jia talked about the development status and development trend of the entire international and domestic cold storage industry. Based on the requirements of environmental protection and energy saving, Jingxue Company and its domestic counterparts need to continuously improve the production technology of cold storage panels, actively absorb foreign advanced technology and experience, and make comprehensive use of them in combination with China's national conditions.

After Mr. Jia's speech, Mr. John Schein introduced the development of European assembled cold storage, which mainly improved the following aspects: 1. Introduction of European elevated cold storage; 2. Test on European metal-faced sandwich panels , Design and standard explanation; 3. Introduction of design software based on European standards; 4. Some construction nodes and roof waterproofing technology;

In the afternoon, Mr. John Schein had an in-depth discussion and exchange of related issues with the technical staff of the participating units.

Constant communication with foreign counterparts is the key to Jingxue's ability to always maintain the industry's leading position. This year, Jingxue invited domestic upstream and downstream cold storage design and construction units to participate, which is not only a performance of further deepening cooperation with all parties, but also reflects Jingxue's social responsibility to always drive the overall development of the industry.