Introduction of thermal performance and moisturizing performance of cold storage insulation board

Introduction of thermal performance and moisturizing performance of cold storage insulation board

release time:2021-11-29 10:27:25


All insulation materials are designed to prevent heat from flowing from warm to cool places, but the thermal properties of materials vary widely. In refrigeration applications, cold storage insulation panels are known for their high R-value, ability to provide continuous insulation, and durability.

  While each material has its uses, cold storage insulation boards have the advantage of long-term R-value stability. Unlike other hard materials, manufacturers usually guarantee all R-values of their products during use. This is important because insulation decreases over time, leading to increased energy costs, which are the main cost of running a cold store.

  Water is an excellent conductor of heat, so moisture can degrade the thermal properties of the material. Therefore, when selecting insulating materials, it is very important to consider the moisture resistance of the material. This is especially true for cold storage facilities, and for building envelope components exposed to high humidity.

  Like the thermal performance, the hygroscopicity of the cold storage insulation board is also different. For example, an independent laboratory compared the moisture content of EPS and XPS insulation materials buried side by side based on 15 years of construction. The laboratory found that the cold storage insulation board buried in the moist soil for nearly three years absorbed only 1.7% of the water by volume.

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