How to correctly install the air cooler in Changzhou cold storage board

How to correctly install the air cooler in Changzhou cold storage board

release time:2021-11-29 11:30:22

The air cooler in the cold storage installation project is also called an air cooler: it is composed of an axial flow fan and a cooling exhaust pipe, and is fully equipped. Relying on the fan to force the air in the refrigerating room through the cooling pipe of the box to exchange heat for air cooling, so as to achieve the purpose of lowering the temperature.

According to the cooling air can be divided into three types of dry, wet, dry mixed type. The following is a brief introduction to the dry air conditioners in the classification widely used in the current cold storage installation project: the positions commonly used in the cold storage to be installed on the dry air conditioners can be divided into two types: ceiling and floor. They consist of air-cooled exhaust pipes, fans and defrosters. Large dry air coolers are usually floor mounted.

1. Floor type air cooler: The floor type air cooler is mainly composed of three parts: upper, middle and lower parts. There are three types of floor-standing air coolers for refrigeration: type KLD for freezer refrigeration; type KLL - for refrigeration; type klj for freezer.

2. Ceiling air conditioner: The ceiling fan is installed in the warehouse and does not occupy the warehouse area. According to the air supply form of the ceiling-mounted air cooler, the air supply is divided into single-sided air supply and double-sided air supply.

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